Poems, poems, beautiful poems, how I love to write you,

Poems, poems, beautiful poems, I could stay up all night with you


Poems, poems, beautiful poems, your words flow off of my tongue,

Poems, poems, beautiful poems, I’ve liked you sense I was young


Poems, poems, beautiful poems, there’s  a nice ring to you

Poems, poems, beautiful poems, It’s like you hide under my shoe


Poems, poems, beautiful poems, you’re like a flower shooting off of a stem

Poems, poems, beautiful poems, Poems, poems, beautiful poems.. THE END!

Yellow, Orange, Red

Surrounded by trees and yellow, orange, red, was me, smiling from toe to head. How I felt like the leaves where gold, but sadly, I was mistaken for the yellow, orange, red and all the beauty around me!

On October 22nd, me and my whole class went on the bike path you see in the picture below. we went out for an hour exploring with angles of the camera and different colors of the photos. The photo you see below is a photo that I took that day that went with the poem above!

PS. The best photos are the ones you take yourself. Instead of taking photos off the internet you should take them on your own.


Hi, my name Is Eve.

I tried to make my avatar as realistic as possible. I have brown hair and it is normally in a pony tail. I have hazle gray, green eyes. I also have glasses that are navy blue to clear. When I made my avatar I was wearing a black shirt so I decided to have a black shirt in my picture.My favorite color is a mix between pale pink and navy blue. I suppose it is an uncommon color because I could not include it in my avatar.

  My Avatar